Our aim is to bring together wandering soul searchers + create a tribe of unconditional love, support + nurture our bodies, minds + spirits through information, connection, intentional jewels, purposeful wares + a whole lotta good vibes.

Our founder Tara’s dream is to build community where we can capture our raw beauty, explore our inner soul, and learn + share with each other our dreams, our travels + our love for the Great Earth Mother + all her wonders.

Our passion is to create simple jewels that are born out of intention + purpose rather than just a design. Designs that don’t follow trends, but follow our hearts. To turn away from mass-production + organically grow + expand to a place where we can still infuse our intentions + love by OUR hands, not someone’s we have never met before, or who has no interest in what we dream to create.

Our intention is for every treasure to share a story + connect on a deeper, more meaningful level. To encourage you to look within + let your heart guide you in an intuitive direction to a creation that is right for you, at that particular point in your life. For you to feel the vibrations of the love that is poured into every single piece + to harness it’s empowering energy.

Our Definition of a Soul Searcher:
A Soul Searcher is a wandering dreamer who searches within to find deeper meaning, as she knows her purpose in this life is much bigger than just herself. A purpose that will lead her to making a difference in the hearts of other souls. She has a binding connection to all five Elements + is on a journey to explore the depths of them all to learn, love, live, and share her light with all around her.


Our core values are (there are so many but these are the main ones we strive for):

• Intention – because the world doesn’t need another meaningless product for us to consume just for the sake of it. We want you to FEEL in your soul the reason we make our treasures for you + learn about how you connect with them.
• Information + Connection – We love to learn, and more so we love to teach + share our wisdom as our gift back to you. We are constantly learning (and making a whole bunch of mistakes before we get it right), in jewellery making, business aspects, and every part of our lives in general! But hey, we’re human aren’t we? That’s what it’s all about!
• Gratitude + Perspective – Every day we are thankful + feel ever so blessed for the life that we lead, the friends + family that we cherish, our creative energy + supportive hub of soul searchers. Yep, it’s a pretty damn good life.
• Community – most importantly, we value YOU!!! Our community is what keeps us going + puts a smile on our faces every day. We wouldn’t be here without you + we couldn’t continue without your amazing ongoing support!! You soul searchers light our world!


We have built a process around our entire brand from the initial inspiration, to the design book, to the creating table, to your hands. We spend a sh**load of time finding our inspiration, sourcing our materials looking for the highest quality + eco-friendly wherever possible, sifting through endless piles of incredible crystals choosing only the most beautiful that speak directly to our heart, and closely seeing out the production process to the end. We follow this process because we believe in what we’re doing + want to ensure our clients are gifted not only loving, intentional treasures, but are also created through high quality craftsmanship.


Our Creative Director Tara Bailey has grown her humble little business with her bare hands from a little market stall to a supportive business through our online community + face-face interaction in our retail space + market stalls. The business grows + evolves as she does. She didn’t always have the freedom she does now to live the life she dreams designing, creating + exploring, but has not for one second ever looked back. Tara believes everyone is destined for a particular purpose + she has searched her soul a great deal to find hers. And will continue to search her soul as the journey is never ending. She knows her life purpose – and that’s to learn, share + teach what she learns. To connect other soul searchers with each other + support the greater good of our Universe. And she has chosen to do that through the art of jewellery making + crystal healing. Once seeing the world through fearful eyes, she has learned to let go, take a risk + follow her heart for she knows now that as long as she does that, she will always continue on her path.
Tara’s goals for the near future; “I hope to continue to learn, grow, share + expand my humble little business building connection + offering support to our community of soul searchers; to continue to travel the world + experience every inch our Universe has to offer; and to be happy in my heart, healthy in my mind body + soul, safe in my surroundings and open to life’s abundance of possibilities + freedom.”

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