Boheme + Body Wellness Shala

Recently I had the privilege of being invited to share the experience that Boheme + Body Wellness Shala has to offer. This beautiful new yoga studio in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast not only offers you a range of yoga, pilates, barre + meditation classes but allows you to experience each class in a heavenly atmosphere, surrounded by the subtle aroma of essential oils + soothing background music, followed by an essential oil neck or head massage while you relax + quieten your mind in your Savasana.

The beautiful women who dreamt, created + operate the shala are Amy Farrow + Mieke Casanova who are not only yoga teachers, but are also life + health coaches, small business mentors + motivators + fellow Soul Searchers who know their purpose in this Universe is to help other likeminded Spirits connect with their Higher self + find their own Dharma (life purpose). The girls + their team of inspirational teachers shine their beauty inside + out + aim to share this beautiful message with their community.


“At Boheme + Body Wellness Shala it was our dream to combine all our beliefs of mind and body harmony into these four elements and we were able to compose a place for you, to visit, connect within, create the body and mind you desire, be part of a community and luxuriate in all things you.

Boheme represents a carefree lifestyle unbounded by convention and led from the heart with a yearning to live and love more.

Body as defined by Rumi is the shadow of a shadow of your love, that somehow contains the whole universe. It is your temple, your home, your space, and needs to be treated with the utmost love and care.

Wellness is a lifestyle. A personal experience of harmony and happiness in your mind and body. It’s the integration of the spirit, body and the mind; and the understanding that everything we do, feel, think and believe has a direct impact on your state of health. Wellness begins with desire and becomes who you are.

Shala is home. Much more than just a place, it’s a feeling, one where the heart is. Home is harmony, a place where you feel you belong, although you were not born there, because you have a lot in common with the people, the culture, and the way of life.

We have poured our hearts into creating a timetable and location that gives you all you need to design wellness in your life.”

PS…. They are currently offering a Buy One Pass and get an Extra Pass FREE* (*conditions apply)!!
Visit the BOHEME + BODY WELLNESS SHALA website at for information on their classes, teachers, location + special offers!

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For over a year now I’ve had a vision of creating a Soul Searcher Tribe of like-minded women who felt + were drawn to similar journeys in this life as I am. So I created a blog called Soul Searcher – which I had every intention of filling this space with my dreams, adventures, things + beautiful souls who inspired me. But for some reason I put too much pressure on this vision. I was fearful that no-one would be interested in reading it, that people who dreamt & had wild visions like me just didn’t exist + that I wouldn’t find people who I admired that would want to be a part of my Soul Searching journey. Fear is a crippling belief. And so the fear heavily took hold of my vision + tried to bury it. Every now + then I would try & write when I had the inspiration to start my blog again + see out my vision, but every time the fear just crawled its way back into my head + I couldn’t get the writing out. I felt I wasn’t good enough to write, that my content wouldn’t be smart enough, witty enough, creative enough + boring to read. So every time I tried, the hammering thunder of fear would crash down + crush my vision yet again.

I’ve always felt like I have a bigger purpose in this life that exists well outside myself but had never felt connected to the Spirit world or my own intuition so had no clue how I was going to figure out my dharma (life purpose). And then it started….when I look back now my journey really only started about 12 months ago when I had my 1st ever reading. I had never wanted to know what my future holds as I have always believed it should just unfold as it’s meant to. But I was in a place where I was feeling lost, confused + more disconnected than ever from myself as a person, from my business, my love life, and, well everything really. I felt constantly that I was comparing, judging, being judged, not creative enough for the industry I’m in, so far behind all the people that I was inspired by + I had a huge fear of success. And that’s exactly what I was told in my reading. That reading literally created a new path for me + since then I have found an incredible number of women who think + feel EXACTLY like me, I have experienced things that have awakened my soul + I have rediscovered the love I have for myself within, which is opening up more inspiration, more opportunities + so much more love then I could ever have imagined. Oh how I could go into so much detail about all of that, but…I’m here today to talk about The Soul Searcher Tribe.

I am opening up this space to create a tribe of Soul Searchers. A community of free-spirited women who come together to support, love + nurture each other’s journeys through soulful connection to capture our raw beauty, explore our inner soul, and learn + share our dreams, our travels + our love for the Great Earth Mother + all her wonders.

And what better way to connect with this tribe than through intentional jewels + purposeful wares. I aim to slowly expand my little brand to bring you more products that connect with your soul. That allow us to go deeper within ourselves, trust our inner guide + feel, give + be completely surrounded by love. To lead us down our journey of finding our soul’s purpose + give each other all the support we need to help us achieve it. To lend hands, give pat’s on the back, share information, expertise + encourage + motivate us to our version of personal success.

Our Definition of a Soul Searcher:
A Soul Searcher is a wandering dreamer who searches within to find deeper meaning, as she knows her purpose in this life is much bigger than just herself. A purpose that will lead her to making a difference in the hearts of other souls. She has a binding connection to all five Elements + is on a journey to explore the depths of them all to learn, love, live, and share her light with all around her.

I hope you are excited to share this journey with me. There’s a long road ahead but together we can make our world a more beautiful place through each other, learn to love ourselves on a whole new level (because lets face it, whether you see it now or not you are all incredibly beautiful inside + out in your own perfect way) + connect with our soul + the Earth giving gratitude + appreciation for the blessed life we have chosen.

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Forever searching my soul,
XX Tara
Founder + Creative Director

PS. I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts + things you’d love to share, where you are on your journey + what you’d love to see from this space? So please leave your beautiful comments + feedback below + let’s create some magic!!

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In the hustle of our busy lives, it is easy to lose sight of what matters most to us. For me, it’s having my bare feet feel the Earth, taking a dip in the ocean, listening to my favourite tunes, being surrounded by my family, friends + my man, every day. Whatever your bliss, our happiness comes from within, not material things.

Our BASICS collection has one simple intention. To get back to BASICS. To strip away all the bulls**t we accumulate in our lives, and enjoy the simple things. The things we take for granted. The things that make us TRULY happy. And if you really thought about it, I bet it wouldn’t be that amazing car you just bought, the enviable designer wardrobe you own, or the however many thousands of followers you worked so hard to get on Instagram, that you couldn’t live without. It would be having people around you who love you + would support you through absolutely everything. It would be sitting on the beach watching the sunset with your lover. It would be tummy-hurting giggles with your girls over long overdue drinks. Little things that make us happy on the INSIDE. The other stuff just makes us ‘appear’ to look good on the OUTSIDE. My eyes have seen souls who have ‘nothing’ in the material world, but have EVERYTHING that could ever matter in our lifetime. Appreciate + be grateful for the life we have been given + the beautiful freedom that we possess.


I close my eyes and drift away into my perfect Sunday…where I don’t have to be anywhere, no deadlines to meet. Just a moment for myself to wake up late, swim in the ocean, to feel the sun on my skin and just breath…deep. To connect with myself and Mother Nature, and be grateful for the abundance of simple beauty that this universe gifts us…

One Sunday has been created for this pure purpose. Our concept of this collection is to take you on a journey of our perfect Sunday, or any day. To drift out of reality, into a dreamlike state + enjoy moments of complete bliss, relaxation + serenity. It is so incredibly important to cherish our body temple + mind by allowing freedom to just be…be in the present moment with no thought, no worry, no concern and nowhere to be. Which nowadays can be so very hard to achieve this kind of blissful reward to ourselves. We get heavily wrapped up in our work, business, social media and so on and so many of us feel like we are constantly chasing our tails + finding it impossible to take a break. Or feeling guilty when you do.
One Sunday’s ideals are about taking a moment to remember how beautiful, talented + down right amazing we are as human beings and that it’s ok to be selfish + have some me time. We all DESERVE the perfect Sunday without the guilt, cos we’re worth it and we work hard for it. And really… it’s an absolute necessity to keep our body temples nourished, nurtured + keep our creative hearts alive!

the simple things.

When I began reading, searching + idea collating to bring together my 1st ever SOUL SEARCHER blog post, it didn’t take long for the ever so familiar faces of panic, doubt + fear to show their wicked grins + attempt to crush my positive + creative energy. In this overpowering online jungle I found myself lost + hitting dead ends on what to write, how to write + found that I was comparing myself to other bloggers before I had even given myself a chance. With an endless supply of inspiring writers that I have admired + idled, I felt the pull of expectation + failure weighing me down.

It wasn’t until I was unwillingly removed from the online world + from scrolling the pages of social media, that I caught my own breath + realised that I don’t need, or want for that matter to be a mirror of anyone else. While it can be wonderful to source inspiration from experienced + well achieved writers, at the end of the day I can only walk my own path, so to try + walk someone elses is not giving me the opportunity to connect with my own soul.

And so I found that the only way to be true to my writing, and my audience, is to be myself. Which is why my 1st blog post will be quite simple. Because it’s the simple things that make my eyes shine, my heart warm + puts a great big smile on my face. I would like to share with you some of the things that I could not live without, that I am longing to see or do, things that I no doubt take for granted, and that make me who I am. By no means are these the only things that have a place in my heart, but gives you a peek inside my soul + what my future writing will be all about.


peace, love + light



Tara Bailey – Artisan + Dreamer


[“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars” – Lester Louis Brown, 1928]


*Image credit to various bloggers, designers + labels that inspire me including – Coconut, lemon + lime, gypsylovinlight, Stephanie Carver, Penfriend, Lilac Skin, Spell Designs, Isla Collective, Manyara Home, Bahgsu Jewels + Carly Brown Photography.*

elephants – majestic soulful creatures.
Crochet + beach accessories

bare feet

mermaids. oh to be that free.

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the simple things.
lazy beach days.


travel. anywhere. everywhere.
besties + family.


sunsets + cold ciders.
daydreaming. all day. everyday.

tropical escapes.
roadtrips with my lover.




crystals + jewels.
beach + sun + salt + sand.
coffee….oh coffee.
music…anything that soothes the soul.